Happy new year everyone! Hope your holidays were blessed and safe.

I came out of the subway station with my girlfriend on Christmas Eve, and once again had that sinking feeling of “my bike should be here and its not!” (I’ve had 3 bikes stolen in Asia before;) So we went and reported it at the little police shanty nearby and I was telling them all about it when suddenly it dawned on me that I had taken a car there the previous day with my roommate, and thus, had not ridden my bike >_<  I felt very buhaoyisi, which is to say, embarrassed. The police laughed, and I went home to find my bike parked in its usual spot. And that’s how I got my own bicycle for Christmas, haha!

But the real highlight of this year’s holiday was at our Christmas party. We played games, made Christmas cards, put on a silly skit, ate good food, and sat back as Climbing, Lucy, and LIberty poured out their hearts about Jesus. Liberty had brought an old friend from her hometown named Yuyu who their small group has been praying for. I had cast vision for the party, telling them our friends up in the city had a Christmas party and 9 people received! As they boldly and passionately pleaded with their friend to know and be known by Him, most people in the room were moved to tears. My co-leader Adriel and I looked at each other full of joy and praise. Liberty knelt down by Yuyu’s side and led her into a relationship with Christ, so much like 9 months before when she herself had received new life on the very same couch!

Rejoice with us – it is our first purely 2nd generation believer!!!