During the Christmas season, we had the great opportunity to share God’s love. Lala and I could really feel the power behind the Good News, and we got to see how Hope, Light and Life defeated in the dark places in this city. We now have 9 sisters and one of them, Sarah, has decided to get baptized. Let’s celebrate!

January is a really “slow” month here. Holidays have just started. A lot of students come from different towns, and that means that they are going back home. Our sisters and friends are not available to share or to train them in this time. It’s complicated to find people in an empty University; we really need creativity to find new people.

While this is a really slow month, I want to share with you that besides taking our regular language classes, we are also going to start taking an extra language class to learn more Christian words to be able to share more effectively. This is something that excites me a lot, just because I start imagining Revelation 7:9-10, where all nations are before God’s throne, and the fact that you and I are part of this. That we are preparing people for that day… It excites me and brings me to tears! Woohoo! This is our inheritance!