These past few weeks have been tough. Our bikes got stolen (which isn’t terrible because biking with this cold was getting harder). Last week my partner and I had to leave the country for a visa run. We were late to meet a friend because the plane  was delayed, we missed our flight back, we had to spend a night in a city near HK, Momo had a complication with her health and had a seizure on the plane, and it was all very stressful, tiring, and scary. Because of what happened, I was traumatized and my emotions haven’t been great. This is the first time I have experienced something like that and I have been struggling with fear and crazy emotions in general since then. For the first time, I can’t really control my emotions, and that is frustrating for me because I like controlling things.

Despite all of that, God has been moving in amazing ways. Three girls came to the family this week! I personally have seen his faithfulness through every situation, good and bad. I am learning how I can really trust Him and rely on Him in EVERY SINGLE aspect of my life, and I can really see His goodness.

Now, the stories of our new sisters:

The first one is Rose. Momo met her kind of randomly one day on campus when we weren’t really planning on meeting anyone new. She was the only one there, because it was so cold that day and everyone was in their dorms. She started sharing with her, and just like that, became a sister! Later in the conversation, she said how she was sure this wasn’t just random because she had felt something inside her calling her to go to the place where Momo was sitting instead of staying in her dorm as she had planned.

Then there is another girl who I met at an English Corner. I had the perfect excuse to make her my friend: we have the same name! We went out the next day and shared as we were sitting on the grass enjoying the sun, which we don’t get here very often. After telling her the reason why we celebrate Christmas and what Jesus did for us on the cross, she said she was scared to make a decision right away and that she needed to think about it. I felt that if we shared more of our personal story she would be able to relate more to what we were saying. After a while she decided to not make a decision, and as we transitioned to a different topic she said: “You know what? I do want to become friends with God!” So she did! After asking Jesus, we prayed for her and asked God to give her peace so she wouldn’t be afraid anymore. We asked how she was feeling, and she said she felt really calm and happy!

The third girl is Stephanie. We got connected with her through another girl but had never met her before, so we decided we would hang out. We were talking for a while not getting anywhere until she brought up Christmas. We shared why we celebrate Christmas too and she accepted Jesus, just like that!

It’s been an awesome time, in spite of the struggles and battles. God is soooo faithful.

I hope you have a great time these holidays. I thank God for you all!