As we sow the seed of the Gospel abundantly in this city of over 10 million, when an Asian person believes and accepts Jesus, the first thing we do with them (besides celebrating!) is a lesson called “Why, Whom, How.” Why? as in what is our motivation for sharing the Good News; Whom? as in whom should we share with; and How? as in how is this possible? ((answer key: a. Love; b. everyone c. the Holy Spirit))

In subsequent training, we aid the Holy Spirit in helping new believers become confident and competent in sharing their personal testimony, a basic and concise gospel presentation, and in training their own disciples in the same way we’re training them – multiplication. The one that seems to keep popping up at the forefront of all we do is the WHY? The WHY, the thing science (which tells us WHAT) simply cannot tell us, will always be fundamental to our faith. It’s fundamental to our very existence! 2 Peter 3 tells us that the reason our Lord’s coming is delayed is because of His great love and mercy toward men. We also know that when things happen according to His will, He receives glory. I like how John Piper puts it in his “Let the Nations Be Glad.” He states profoundly and beautifully that “the fuel and the goal of missions is the worship of Jesus Christ.”

I remember my good brother and young pastor Thomas asking me one day a question like the following: “If you’re walking down a narrow road and all of a sudden, a big boulder falls out of the blue and lands in your path, what is your first reaction?” Honestly, my initial response (maybe because I love rock climbing so much :)) was to think how to get around, over, or through that boulder and continue on my path. His point was that we should rather first ask WHY? Why did that happen? And, as a believer, Why did God allow that crazy thing to happen and for what purpose?

Point well taken.

When our brother and teammate was very sick last week with tonsillitis, and I took him in to a local hospital one afternoon to get what turned out to be the wrong antibiotics, why did that boulder fall? Perhaps it had something to do with the Lord giving me 3 opportunities in less than half an hour to translate for foreigners who could not speak the language, one being a father and 11-year-old daughter from Sri Lanka. She was not able to get any treatment that day, but we prayed over her in the precious name of Jesus, and I believe that moment changed their lives forever.

What boulders have fallen in your path lately? What problems are you feeling the need to solve today? I believe that instead of going with the modern trend of trying to get over, past, or through our problems as quickly and painlessly as possible, God wants to tell us all to be first asking Him WHY?

Lord God, what do you desire to do in me that You are allowing me to undergo this trial?

How can I be Christ-like in the midst of it?

Please help me to rejoice at sharing in a small part of Your sufferings, that I might also be sanctified!

Help us, Father.

Prayer requests:

  • That the 60ish new believers from this year already would deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow Jesus Christ.
  • That we (CT) would continue to fight FROM a place of victory, and not FOR it. The enemy has been defeated!
  • The 12 White Belts from our city are gone this week on 3 different short-term trips to partner with workers from our parent organization. Pray that Dad would use them mightily, that He would call some to long-term work in Asia.
  • We have a couple 2nd Generations (new local believer leading another Asian person to Christ), and are hungry for many more as we all live a lifestyle of obedience to the Great Commission!

Thank Him in advance for all this and so much more!!! Please let me know of your prayer needs. . .