Right now I’m sitting at my new desk. I’ve got a cool name plate, my Asia Starbucks mug and a really uncomfortable chair. HA! Yesterday started our first day working at our desks in our stateside office.

It is definitely strange to think that this is going to be were we work for the next 4 years or so. I mean, just 4 months ago, my office was a river side tea house on the other side of the world! Just a slightly different view from here.

As you may already know, we are going to be working in three areas on the stateside office: recruiting new workers to go to Asia; setting up new ways we communicate to CTers, new and old; and as a part of the care team, making sure that CTers are healthy as they work on Asia side and stateside.

We had the awesome chance the last two months to share these goals with dozens of people as we work on growing our prayer and financial partner support team. As we moved toward transitioning to living in America, we wanted to make sure that our finances we at the place were we could focus on our work in the office.

God was so faithful to connect us with people that wanted to partner with us in working towards igniting church planting movements on campuses in Asia. Sharing about the vision that God has put in front of us personally and as an organization is one of my favorite things I get to do. We haven’t met all of our financial goals yet, so would you keep asking God to provide new financial partners for us.

Also I wanted to update you on what’s happening in Asia. As of about a week ago, there were already 50 new Christians in the last 2 months. That just blows my mind!! People lives are being forever changed with the gospel and then being trained to be able to bring that news to everyone they know. Keep lifting up our workers that they would always rely on the strength that God gives as they continue to give everything they have to spreading the good news.

Thanks for reading and keep praying for what God is doing in Asia.

Prayer requests:

  • We would settle into our roles in the office smoothly
  • God would continue to provide new monthly financial partners
  • Strength for the workers in Asia as they give everything to sharing the good news