I want to share just a few recent testimonies with you, so you can join in our rejoicing!

We had our first (and second!) ever in CT mother/daughter pairs baptized this past week!! One of our female partner pairs met a Asian sister Tanya, who along with her mother, were already believers. Then they met and led a student named Dora to her Savior. Then, a few days ago, our girls sat down to share a meal with Dora and her mother, who was in town for a few days, and Tanya and her mother. During the meal, the girls were teaching the girls one of our early training lessons, which led to Dora sharing the gospel with her mom, who decided right there to follow Jesus!!! HALLELUIAH!!!!!! All of them have now received their baptism into the One church, and Tanya and Dora will continue to be trained to train others (Mt. 28:19-20; 2 Tim 2:2)

I had an opportunity to act as translator this week for one of our first-year partner pairs who felt led to share with a girl they met who couldn’t speak English. Yesterday, we sat down to a meal of one of the local specialties as we served up some “living food.” Alice stopped eating for about half an hour as our girls poured out their hearts and I translated. It was amazing to be a part of that, simultaneously doing my best to communicate the meaning of what was being shared, and giving thanks because of how far God has brought me in this language, and even more amazing when Alice also received and was born again of the Spirit!!!

We finally set a date and made many other decisions concerning the Worship Arts exhibition we’ll be holding at a cafe on our campus. Thanks to the Lord for this opportunity and for your prayers — I’m super excited about this! It’s the first event of its kind for the ID Arts group: an extravaganza of paintings, photographs, live music, dancing, short films, and more all for the glory of our Creator! Please keep this lifted up as we have A LOT to do in not much time (it will be on the night of the 21st).

We have seen many more join the family recently (about 70 in total in C-Town alone this year) and just as importantly, many are committing to follow Jesus with greater passion, boldness, and obedience, as evidenced by many baptisms, regular groups, and sharing with their friends.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of this.