We are transitioning back to the States!

As of right now, on February 9th we will be flying back home. We will be based out of the States for the next 1-2 years.

Before we get into details, here is some important info to know!

A. We will still be serving with Campus Target
B. We will have 3 key roles in Campus Target over these next 2 years
C. We will still be living on monthly support

Here is a breakdown of the 3 roles we will be playing over the next 2 years:

1. Asia National Leader:
These past 2-3 years we have been serving as National Leaders over the work here in Asia. This includes leadership development, care for leaders, training new teams and the usual 3 – evangelism, discipleship and church planting.

From the States we are going to continue in this National role, but continue to help raise up leaders to take over what we have been doing Asia side. This is extremely important, especially because we will be in the states and not in Asia!

2. Stateside Team Leadership:
We will be helping lead the stateside team. Right now there are almost a bakers dozen of our workers serving stateside. They do recruiting, admin, finances, trainings…they do an incredible job!

We will help out with leadership responsibility, some pastoral care for the team, and doing some training.

3. Long Term Worker Director 
This is a brand new role that we have created as an executive leadership team. It includes overseeing our long term workers, helping with trainings, care and making sure things run smooth in the States and Asia for our long term workers.

We will be transitioning more into this role full time in mid to late 2013.

Heading back to the states is bittersweet. We will miss our team, Asian friends and the work here. But we strongly feel this is the Lord’s will and are excited for the journey ahead. Seeing our families sort of makes us excited too! 😉

Thank you so much for your support during these past years while we have been here in Asia. Looking back on these past 3 years, YOU have made such an incredible impact on the work we have done. We have been blessed! As we transition to the States we will be doing more support raising here and there during 2013. We are so excited to talk about more ways to partner together. One thing is for sure, things are more expensive back in the good ol’ USA. You’ can’t buy a soda for 40 cents like you can here in Asia!

Reaching together and SEE YOU SOON!