Happy belated Thanksgiving!!!

As I ran around the football field with about 20 CTers in our annual Thanksgiving Day game, I felt like a boy again – especially inspired by my touchdown reception on the first play of the game! 😉 Today, however, my body is telling me from distant corners of unused muscle tissue and joints that, in fact, I am 33. Haha, praise the One Who has numbered our days on this earth, and Who will resurrect our bodies in glory forever!

I want to share with you a very special testimony from my time recently in G-Town:

Yellow Cloud is a brother and friend I met my first year in G-Town. He became a believer, and me and my partner went to his hometown and met his parents and younger bro over the New Year in 2009. HY has become a true man of faith and leader in his church, and it’s always inspiring for me to reconnect with him. Thanks to God for providing partner for HY, as he was recently engaged to a Lilian, sister who is perfect for him.

So, here’s what God has been up to in their lives. Three weeks ago, HY was riding his bicycle and a dog jumped out in front of him. He and the motorcycler at his side both dodged the dog, but HY’s forearm was caught in the motorcycle and broken. When I saw him, there was no cast on the arm, as they felt led to use some traditional medicine and lots of prayer. He couldn’t use the arm at all, and it was hard to see him like this. But in part because of seeing the young couple’s childlike faith in action, and their trust in the Holy Healer, both of HY’s parents and his grandfather have chosen to follow Christ!!! PRAISES!!!!!

It’s amazing to see the difference between a person who knows Christ and His truth, and one who doesn’t as they experience trials in this world. I have talked about this with several Asian believers recently, and those who have understanding will agree that we can rejoice in suffering (even if we don’t LIKE it) because it is during those times that Father is experienced most intimately, His power is most active, His grace most abundant.

Updates and prayer requests:

  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating with the team!
  • Everyone is lega1 here for another 90 days — visa run complete. God favored us in the G-Town airport when we should have missed our flight back to C-Town. There was running 😉
  • More prayers for salvation and baptisms recently. I got to be there for April’s, who came up full of the Holy Spirit and seriously changed, like I haven’t seen before so clearly.
  • We had a new Asian bro, Patrick, lead another student to Father this week! We’re hungry for more 2nd generation believers!!!
  • Please continue to battle for the new believers here. Many who have fallen away, disappeared, been choked, or tempted away. They need our prayers!