We all laughed as Chocolate (my female teammate) pounced on the little Asian boy and the basketball (as well as his glasses, haha) went flying. This was her method of defense, which she calls “winning creatively.” We were playing down at the new sister campus of our U in the sunshine of the hottest day this year so far. It was a great time of fellowship before our weekly gathering, where we are seeing a core of people form who will become a light in that place, where there are tens of thousands of undergrads who so desperately need God’s love.

As it is a large, beautiful campus with lots of water and vegetation, we have been able to meet outside, and sitting in the shaded grass, the Word is going forth to many new ones each week – praise God for blessing my language study and making me able to lead the meetings! This week we read John 14 and talked about Jesus being the only Way, then worshiped with creating drawings/paintings, and afterwards about 12 of us sat around a large round table and broke bread (actually rice ;)). Every week, there is awesome fellowship happening as the students experience His love and truth and see just how real Jesus is to us. There are currently about 5 believers in our group and many more seekers. This week, we also got to meet a new guy I named Brave who said he wants to be a “fisher of men!” Tonight I am going to meet His Korean mentor as the divine appointments continue — “Let them be one…”

One of the coolest things about this week though was that later Saturday night, after I had returned home, I received a text from one male student who’s been to our group several times, but is not very open. He said his friend, who we had played ball with and who then came to part of the meeting and left early, and I didn’t even pay much attention to, had “found his home.” Whoa! His English name is Alex, and his mom is a believer, and he said that she’s always wanted him to connect with some believers, but until Saturday, he still hadn’t. Praise God for answering prayers, for using us in ways that we would never imagine, and for giving to many the right to become sons and daughters!

*Alex – that he would receive Jesus this week! Also Kevin, Dandan, Anna, Maddie, Sarah, Brave, and Joy – the brethren.

*The 4 new groups in C-town – protection; His life, consistency of attendance (this is SO needed!) Leaders to be raised up.

*Upcoming travels to K-town for me, Ben, and Tim & Sara who will be on my team this coming fall and are moving there in a few days.

*ID ARTS – new website coming!; mural beginning soon; children’s event; possible opening of a school/studio/business soon that would provide several workers with visas!