Since my last update, many have asked how sharing at the kindergarten went. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

We played guitar, sang songs, and shared the Easter story. Before sharing the story, I asked the kids if any of them have ever heard of Jesus before. Out of approximately 80 students, not one of them lifted their hand. It was heart-breaking. I praise the Lord for the opportunity we had to share with the kids. It is my prayer that the small seed that was planted in their hearts will continue to grow.

At the end of our time together, the students ran up to us and surrounded us with hugs upon hugs. At that time, we were able to lay our hands on each and every precious head of the little ones and pray over them and their futures. Over and over, I prayed, “Lord, may they grow to make your name famous!!”

God is doing a mighty work here!!! Four years ago, I signed up to give one year to this ministry. Here I am today, still loving what I do. It’s not always easy. But I’m in the middle of something amazing. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

P.S. After sharing the complete Easter story, we asked them if they had any questions for us. I was expecting questions about Easter, God, Jesus, etc. One boy in the back stood up. As I called on him, he asked “If you have 10 tigers and add 8 more tigers, how many tigers do you get?” He was so precious! It made my day 🙂