As you guys all know, a couple weeks ago we had an earthquake. A lot of damage was experienced in a city 70 miles from here. Approximately 200 people died and thousands were injured. Here in our city, there was no substantial damage. Yet, a lot of fear filled the hearts of the residents and college students.

Immediately after our earthquake, a lot of the college students didn’t feel safe sleeping in their dorms. They bought tents and slept on the soccer fields. This lasted for the first couple of nights following the quake. We saw this as a perfect opportunity to go share the truth and love to Jesus, as “perfect love casts out all fear.”

During our church meeting with our Asian friends, we spent a great deal of time casting vision that God can and will use each and every one of us to be a light and testify of His Truth to those hurting and living in fear. Because people were so shaken up, we encouraged our friends to go and talk to shopkeepers, students, classmates, strangers. Then, we chose to go out and share together, as a church!!!!

That night, we had a beautiful time talking with broken and hurting people at the tents. My Asian friend, Luna, shared the complete Gospel twice that night alone! I was able to share with a girl, who was shaking and sobbing because she was so upset. As I was talking to her, she said that she felt the presence of God and now knows that He is real. This girl was having an incredible encounter with the King of Kings. As we talked, she expressed how she 100% believes in what Jesus did for us on the cross. She said she felt God in a powerful way. It was incredible. As the night ended, she didn’t choose to accept Jesus (she says she has tried so hard to succeed in the past and needs to continue to believe in herself above Jesus). Can you pray for her? I don’t even remember her name. She needs another touch from Jesus.

That day, our friend Tina joined our family, right in the middle of our church meeting. The next day, our friend CaoRui joined as well! Since then, CaoRui has gone out and shared the Gospel on our campus! Tonight, at one of our churches, 6 brothers and sisters were baptized!!!!!! It’s been so amazing to see the Lord work through our church and our precious Asian brothers and sisters!!!!!!

Thanks so much for praying for us as a team and for all those that were affected by the earthquake. Through it all, Jesus’ name was made famous!

Some Prayer Requests:

*My friend Ryan’s 16 year old little sister is in the hospital. She has a mass of cysts on her ovaries and a lump near her stomach that may be cancerous. She’s pretty scared. Please pray for complete healing for her. Her name is Megan.

*Our team of 1st year workers are heading back to the States on May 17th! They have given 100% of themselves this year! I couldn’t be more proud! Pray for them as they transition home and for their Asian friends who will continue to be discipled and raised up by us.

*I’ll be returning home on May 21st to spend 2 months with my family. I’ll be spending a lot of time with my sister and her family, as there have been a lot of medical issues with her fiancé. I will fly back to Asia in late July, just in time for the next team of 1st year workers to arrive!

*I’ll be spending some of my time home raising support so that I’ll be back at full budget. Please continue to pray for me, as I know God’s heart for me is to be fully funded.