I have to tell you about last night! We had a Christmus party here at our apartment with the 5 of us and about 10 Asian friends. We made lots of Naan bread pizzas, which they absolutely loved, cookies, popcorn, played games, sang songs, and read the Good News of our Saviour’s birth – amazing how year after year, it never seems to lose any of its passion and power, isn’t it?

   This party was different in a few ways from the last few years over here. One, it was smaller and more intimate, and I felt that each one who came was touched in a deeper way than some of our 30-50 person parties in the past.

Two, most everything was done in the local language, and it was truly amazing to see how far God has brought us in a few short months! Now, make no mistake, we’re still far from fluent in this language (those of you who’ve studied a language know what a huge thing it is to tackle), yet every one of us now has relationships that have been built using the native language and every one of us was able to share last night what is the greatest gift we’ve ever received.

HIS testim0nies burst forth, beginning with McDoogle’s friend Gabriella who shared with everyone about Jesus’ love. I was able to express much of my heart in saying how the Lord’s love is limitless and that He sustains me on a daily basis. To cap the night off, we read together out of our Bibles the prophecy in Isaiah and Matthew’s account of Christmas Day. Things that used to look like little scribbles (the language we’re learning this year) have now taken on meaning and purpose and are at our disposal for Dad’s glory! As our guests left, I could tell they had encountered something fresh and memorable, and my heart was filled with the joy and satistaction that ONLY He can give. Glorry to God in the highest!

   As I thought of the great gifts I have received in my life, I also thought of you, and how I’m so b1essed by each one of you. I would say that other than Christ, you, as His body, and your prayers are my greatest gift this season. Thank you.