I’m blessed to tell everyone something GREAT that God has done!!!  A friend that I’ve known ever since I got here just came into the
family last week!  I count new family the same way a new baby is born into this world, we should always be grateful and celebrate new birth!  We had been talking to my friend for a long time. He was faithfully coming to our Bible studies until we decided to buy him a  Bible with English and his own language that he wanted. After we gave it to him, he was so happy and amazed he told us that Thursday he would come to make his decision! I’m so grateful that God has been working in us here!

 So.. there’s more…. when he came something happened. After my friend received Jesus, each of us prayed for him. But while one was praying over him, I was whispering and was speaking in tongues over him. After we were done, I showed him Acts 2. He already knew it and said, “Actually you know I remember what you said over me while you were whispering. You spoke in my language and told me of my friends and I seeing God’s Magic”! I was speechless for a moment. I was just whispering I didn’t think anyone heard me. I was speaking his heart language!!! Wow, I prophesied he would see miracles and I did’nt even know it!! haha I love God. My friend will be getting baptized this week, praise God!