Last Friday night, we got together and celebrated Christmas with our Asian  friends.  Speaking for the 5 of us, I can definitely say that we all had a great time.  We all saw God show up in a powerful way.  It was an incredible time of fellowship and fun.  In the kitchen, the girls were amazed that it is possible to pop your own popcorn.  Many of our friends got detailed lessons on the art of pizza making.  And, I ate my first vegetable and banana pizza!  (It tasted better than it sounds).

We ended the night by singing Christmas carols and then going around the room and sharing a story about the greatest gift we have ever received.  The first person to share was an Asian friend named Gabriella.  Without hesitation, she began to testify about how her relationship with God is her most precious gift.  Listening to her testify to a room of strangers was beyond encouraging and exciting.  From there, the rest of us got to share about tangible gifts, as well as testifying more about Jesus. And finally, to end the night, we all read the Christmas story from the Bible.  Reading the story of the birth of Jesus with a room full of friends was a great reminder for the reason that I am celebrating this Christmas.  It is all about Him!

I also had a great opportunity a couple weeks ago to spend some one-on-one time with my friend Jing Wen (Lydia).  After our tutoring session, I invited her over to my apartment to teach her how to cook banana bread.  As we were waiting for the bread to bake, she began to ask me some questions about religion and Christianity in America.  As I answered her questions, she told me how she has some beliefs but she wants to study more about the Bible.  As she continued to ask her questions, God gave me supernatural grace to share the Gospel with her.  All in the language I’m studying!  It was the first time that I sat down with an Asian friend and shared the Gospel without one word of English.  This is why God has called me to language study!  He is enabling me to do this.  It is all Him! Praise Him!

Thanks so much for all your love & prayers!  Merry Christmas to you and your family.  May this season be all for Him and His glory!