When we are willing to step out in obedience in what God is calling us to, He is always ready to meet us in that obedience.  That is exactly what we got to experience in X-town this past weekend.  On Friday morning, Sonny shared from his heart his desire to see all the new workers step up in a new level of boldness and share the Good News 2-3 times a day with students they would meet during a weekend blitz coming up the next day.  I felt the Holy Spirit stirring my own heart to also step out in this, one of my first days back after my time of rest.  I was excited to see what God would do, and we were all excited to see the first new person join family since the new team touched down.

God certainly did not disappoint.

As we came together as a city and stepped out in faith and obedience, we had the awesome honor of seeing SIX people come into the family from Friday night to Sunday night, including FOUR GUYS from the same dorm room!!!!  Amazing!  Countless seeds were also sown, the fruit of which might still be seen in the coming days.  Six new brothers and sisters now have a place at Heaven’s Table, praise God!!

Stepping out into uncharted territory is never easy.  It was really special to see all the new workers break out of their comfort zones and into areas where Jesus is at work.  I am so proud of them!  May the work continue to be fruitful and our roots in God grow deeper in the days ahead!