Climbing was leading us in a time of singing praise to our Savior when he suddenly turned to Seven, who was seated beside him, and, moved by the Holy Spirit, asked him a few questions….

“Do you believe Jesus is the Son of God? Do you believe He died for your sins? Do you believe He rose again and that in Him, we have eternal life? Will you receive Him as Lord tonight?”

To the delight of all of us present, the answers came, “I believe. I believe. I believe. I will.” Another precious one has come home!!!

Seven had been steadily progressing toward saving faith in my recent meetings with him, but I had always felt to wait on leading him into the decision. It was like when a big fish is nibbling at your line, and you’re waiting for the exact right time to give a tug! Now I see why. It was so great that Climbing got to lead Seven into the fam with many others also present. I was a proud papa witnessing my spirtual son Climbing at that moment, and it was also a huge encouragement to our whole church, the first new believer this semester!