It was a warm September day. My teammate and I walked along the tree-lined roads of campus looking for friends to make. A couple of girls walking towards us caught our eye. We approached them and struck up a conversation.

One of the girls we met that day is Molly. A few weeks later, my teammate had the opportunity to share God’s story with Molly and she decided to join the family! You’ve been praying for her.

Fast forward a few months.

Last week, I sat next to Molly and listened to her practice sharing the story of how God has changed her life. The change is evident, and she is growing tremendously. In the past week alone she read “The Prodigal G0d,” joined us for a prayer walk on campus, practiced sharing the Good News at small group ,and even scheduled to lead a brand new small group with me! Molly is a tremendous leader and I absolutely believe she is going to be a catalyst for revival on this campus!