Firstly, I’m super excited to tell you that after months of prayer and preparation, the MURAL has finally been created!!!  Here’s the week in review:

Friday: 4am  –  wake up and head to campus with the sketched out plan and a bag of spray paint.

            5am  –  Amilah, Freefall, Lissi and I assemble on campus. The first cautious strokes are made; not long before we’re really having fun and the L()RD is guiding our creation….

            8am  –  wrap up for the day with the basic image painted on our chosen wall.

Sat:   4am  –  wake up to a thunder storm and decide to postpone.

         6:30am –  wake up again and ponder when to continue..

         8am  –  “a window in the rain”, sense God saying to go for it. Amilah and I begin painting the details and the script (18 translations of Jesus’ command to Love One Another)

         8:15am –  a security officer tells us we can’t do this. Our friend Lissi tells him otherwise

         11am – it is nearing completion…. several Asian friends and our German bro and singing worship songs at the top of their lungs.  Hundreds of students passing by, many stop to take pictures and talk to us.

         1pm – exhausted, we clean up for the day, with just a few details left. Everyone is happy with the results!

Wed:  Finish the final details and pray that God will use this for His glory!

I want to thank everyone who supported this project with your prayers, encouragement, and finances. It would not have happened without you. We’re making a video that documents the process and also includes some brief interviews with Asian students answering the question, “What does Love One Another mean to you?”   I can’t wait to share this with you!

   Lot’s of other changes recently too — many friends leaving for the summer or for good; a new roommate for the month of July; finishing the year at this university and beginning study with the Omega fellowship (this is the crazy language part….4 hrs of speaking drills a day, 3 days a week. after one week my throat and mouth were really sore! its going to bear much fruit, and maybe best of all, my class fees are basically paying the wages of Thomas, a full-time worker for a local house church, aka. Missionary).

Praise the Lord for His constancy and His faithfulness every day, in every circumstance. He is our Rock.

Love and blessings in Christ,