I felt tingles of energy, life, love. . . whatever you wanna call it pulse through my body as we sat around the large table of now mostly empty plates and my teammates Rapunzel and Olli testified of their TG (training group) the day before. . .

Lucy and Liberty, two of our more mature sisters, were at our girl’s apartment, and for the lesson, Lucy was teaching Liberty about grace. At the point where they talked about the horror we as believers are saved from, something inside of Liberty that has been lying dormant shot off like a firework, and she burst out, That’s why we need to share the gospel with others! I get it now!” 

When I hear something like that, it just makes me want to worship Him and say, “It’s ALL worth it!” The general sense in our city is that we are on the verge of breakthrough. . . . .the breakthrough we have all been crying out for since coming here last fall, and that is to see multiplying generations of not just believers, but disciples – ones who would be active in professing the reason for their hope (1Pet.3:15) as well as in training others to train others (2Tim.2:2).


Would you take some time to help make this a reality through your prayers? 

*Pray For: Our Asian friends and our campus

*Pray Against: Fear, apathy, materialism, sickness, busyness, and all of Satan’s plans and attacks.


I would be blessed to hear from you any specific words for me, my team, our Asian friends, or our campus.


“Let the nations be glad!!!” 

Love you all,