Hello, my brothers and sisters.

Do you remember the time when you made that decision to follow in the steps of Jesus? That day must have been so real. Just knowing he is with me makes every day wonderful. Can you remember more deeply than that, when he first reached out to touch your heart? Amazing, right? How about how you are growing through his grace?

Over here in Asia, there are too many wonderful things to count, but something I found so amazing and beautiful was to see four of my friends be baptized. With our one friend who was baptized, my partner and I shared the gospel with him after running into him four times. (We should’ve learned from the third time that he was ready.) He knew God is real, and his family believes, but he had strayed for a long time. We were able to talk life into him, and a month later, he finally decided to recommit and truly choose to follow God and be baptized. I feel so blessed that God let me be apart of this experience. When He moves and touches my friends, I am reminded that God’s grace is so beautiful and His love is everlasting. Continue to pray for us, because the enemy has tried to attack, but with God there is victory! Over 40 people have joined the family of Christ, and I believe that revival is coming!