The White Belts (first-years) are back from short-term trips to surrounding cities/villages. They all had a blast, were inspired by TM long-term workers, saw a girl come to fa1th, some got sick, all enjoyed seeing the sun, and in general just had a grand adventure – praise God!

We (ID Arts Alliance) just booked a date at a campus cafe with a Christian boss to put on a big arts event in Dec! It will include: mural on the cafe walls; other 2D art to be displayed for an indefinite time; live music; short films; and perhaps other performances all the the glory of Jesus!!!!!!!

I finished reading the NT in my new language recently. An accomplishment I’m really proud of, and which is bearing fruit as Ive been able to quote scriptures many times at His lead!

I am leaving soon for visa renewal, and so I get to spend a few days training under our Singaporean sister Esther, reconnecting with the 6 White Belts there and leading a few activities with the team, plus seeing old friends/brothers/sisters! Please ask for safe travel and a blessed time …

I got sick at the right time, and am pretty much better just in time to travel – halleluiah! many of our team are still fighting various illnesses and many also have family issues that the enemy is trying to use to sideline them. Ask that EVERY flaming arrow of the enemy be extinguished.

I’m sure many of you have heard about the appointment of many Party officials in the capitol this month — though its pretty much already fixed, please ask that God’s will be done in and through the nation’s leaders who will be in office the next 5 years.