“For because He Himself has suffered when tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted.” –Heb. 2:18

This never meant much to me until I began realizing that my struggles can be used to help others who are in similar situations. Because Jesus has suffered the things we are tempted with, He is not some lofty God demanding things from us that He has not experienced Himself. This week I had the privilege of encouraging Chang when she was feeling the pressure of doubts and anxiety. I discovered that Chang has a very similar personality to me and we struggle with many of the same things. God recently brought me through a lot of struggles with my sense of purpose, and I was able to encourage Chang with some of the lessons He taught me through that time! It is always an awesome feeling when a struggle you experienced can help another person when they are going through hard times. By the end of the meeting with Chang she was armed with Bible verses and said she was feeling much better.  Praise God!

Last week was Amerie’s birthday! On Monday, we went to the “Toilet Restaurant.” Yes, you read that correctly. Amerie is quite a unique girl, and she loves the concept of poop! She definitely keeps our group entertained. Her birthday turned into a four day long event! It started on Monday, then on Tuesday we went for a twenty mile bike ride to a park where we got to see a famous statue in G-town. On Wednesday we had a party celebrating Amerie and Chang’s birthdays with our Asian friends. Finally, on Thursday we made chocolate cake in languages class to celebrate again!