I was able to spend the last four days in G-Town, where I first lived in Asia back in 2009! There, I spent my time connecting with the team and “doing life” alongside them. Most of my time was spent with the first year workers… Sharing stories with them, encouraging them, and giving them creative ideas for ministry as they continue to march forward towards our vision.

Today, before flying back home to my city, I sat down to lunch with my first every partner. We smiled as we discussed the changes in the past years…..Mostly, the way God has changed us! Three years ago, when I first came to Asia, I didn’t know a thing about how to see a church planting movement started. And now, for fun, we talk about church planting and how to be as effective as possible, all with putting Jesus first!

What I noticed most about this past week was how much I wanted to get back to my home here in C-Town. Don’t get me wrong, I so very much enjoyed my time with everyone back G-Town. But I missed life here. And, after a long day of traveling, I came home to the story of a girl named Alice who got saved TONIGHT, right here in my living room!!!!!!

God is changing Asia for His glory!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!