I hope you have all had the grace to rejoice in our Lord and Savior no matter in what circumstances you find yourself in. A huge portion of our lives is spent learning this…. and I want you to know that me and all of us over here also experience the daily grind and battle of believing and praising, hoping and obeying. and times of doubt and testing. We are definitely not superheroes! What you hear is mostly the highlights, the urgent prayer requests, and the most amazing testimonies. Yet, like in the scriptures, its easy to overlook the days, months, and in some cases, years and decades of time between the written words, the times of waiting and crying out that seem every bit as necessary as the miracles. May He continue to give us all grace and faith to follow Him, filled with His love, all of our days and especially when we are tested.

(Ok – that was a sort of parenthetical intro that I just felt lead to encourage you with). Here’s more:

Thank you all for your thoughts for us and our work — they rise up to the throne a lovely fragrance and are poured out on us to water the Seed. We are so proud of our 18 new workers and are inspired by what has been taking place here. In the past month, dozens and dozens have heard the gospe1 for the first time, or have been reminded of things that He has already spoken to them in various ways, and around 20 precious ones have decided to turn and live for the LORD! CT is starting a project to record every unique story and will have these available to you soon. . . .

As we continue to press on toward the end vision, we need great wisdom. I was led to 1 Corinthians 3 this morning where it talks about our work being tested and revealed by fire. The fact is that many have done and are doing work that will not stand up to the fire. It is especially evident here in Asia, where so many are spending their lives and all they have working for treasures that will perish. What we long for is fruit that will last. What a foundation Paul and these early disciples laid, and it’s what we are still building on today! Thanks to the One Who continues to give increase to His church!

May the Spirit continue to train us, honing our skills and making us each “master builders.”