If you saw someone trapped in a burning building, you wouldn’t ask if they needed someone to save them, you would run to help them. If you saw someone drowning in a river, you’d jump right in and try your hardest to save them.

We are surrounded by thousands upon thousands of lost people every day. People who, if they were to die today, would be experiencing eternal death. They are trapped. They are drowning. And they don’t even know it!

So when we approach students, we don’t ask them if they want to hear the Good News. We just tell them! People can’t respond to the gospel if they don’t hear it!!! As my CT national leader recently said, “A tragedy that can occur in evangelism is simply this: pre-judging who is open and who is isn’t. The honest truth is we have no idea. We might have a clue, but the depths of the heart is only known by God. When we share the gospel, those deep places come to life! They can be drinking, cussin’ and seem completely opposed to God, but when you share with them their heart is revealed.”

In the past 24 hours, we have seen 5 people accept the Lord. 3 guys, 2 girls!! In the past two weeks or so, we have seen over a dozen! Why? Because we are sharing with everyone we encounter! We aren’t walking in with our own limited eyesight and trying to see who may be open to the gospel, judging by their outward appearances, actions, whatever. We share with everyone!

So as I am here, half a world from you all, I encourage you to take time today to share the Good News! Share with those around you. Coworkers. Friends. Random people you meet in Walmart. Be bold. Be courageous. Witness miracles.