***Update/Praise! – We gave that friendly downstairs neighbor some mooncakes and a couple homemade cards to say thank you, and later he came up with his 14-year-old son Jim, who helped me a with my homework and I got to share a little about Yesu (Jesus) with. On Sat, Jim came up to bring us some moon cakes (it IS mid-autumn  after all;), and only Simba was here. He got to talk with Jim for a few hours and even pray for him! Confirmation that we rented the right place…… 
Also, I noticed a sign above their door that reads “God l0ves all people” (in their language) – the beginning of John 3.16 in the good book. Grandma is a Christian, but not sure about the parents…..  the Lord is good to lead us and have purpose in all situations!
Prayer Request:    We, the Bing Dui (Ice Teem), have decided to shoot for the first week of Dec. for testing out the full immersion thing. This means, with the exception of any emergencies or instances where the Holy Spirit specifically tells us to, we will go 6 days, Mon-Sat, without speaking any English. Please pray that we have strength, grace, and wisdom to get to this place. All for His glory!!!