Well, is been a while, sorry I haven’t written, but the good news is my time has been full with meetings!  I’m so busy now with all my
new friends.  They are everywhere all the time!  I know everyone; I can’t even walk down the street without hearing someone shout
“ENOCH”!  God  really has opened the doors these last few weeks.

 2 of my friends have started Bible Study with me! I have already had two this week. Dublin and I have been really making progress.  God really has taught us to be so effective!  I’m very grateful! I ask you think of me as progress moves forward! My local language vocabulary has been growing.  The lessons are great and I’m learning fast. The best part is that my lessons take place in a
bakery that sells cinnamon rolls!  I have one for every lesson!  I also had my first cheeseburger last week! I ate it as slowly as
possible to savor its goodness! HAha, love it here in Asia!
Mid-Autumn festival just passed.  Traditionally a friend buys you a gift! I bought my friend some American Candies. He bought me a
leopard spotted fedora Hat. I really stick out in a crowd now! I just want to thank everyone for all the support.  I ask you
continue to think of me.