Hello!God has handpicked me and called me to this awesome place!  I get to live in an absolutely beautiful city.  Each day I have the opportunity to walk on a campus that is full of young men and woman who have never heard the Truth.  That’s why I am here!  That is why I am studying this language.  And, that is why God is imparting something huge in me right now! It is an exciting feeling!

Since starting school, most weekdays have seemed very monotonous.  I have class from 8 until 12:30 three days a week.  The other two days, class goes until 4.  And then, comes studying!  I have definitely been missing the relationship aspect of my ministry. Last year, I would be out and making friends six days a week.  This year, however, I know that studying requires much more time and energy.  Because of the efforts that I am putting in now, I will be more effective in my ministry in the upcoming years.  When we look at circumstances with eternal perspectives, all things seem to make much more sense. 

With that being said, yesterday, God gave me a special blessing.  I went to  my speaking class.  This is actually a class that I have come to enjoy.  The teacher goes around the room and asks us a bunch of questions about our home countries, favorite things to do, etc.  After class, she came up to me and started talking to me.  Usually, I get more than nervous.  But yesterday, we talked for 30 minutes!  Right before my next class was about to begin, she gave me her cell phone number and told me to call her after class. 

It sounds kinda funny to think about my teacher and I hanging out over a cup of coffee, but I think it is pretty great!  (And for all of you who are wondering, she is a young teacher, probably my age or a couple years older, not a 65 year old professor). So for a couple hours yesterday, I was able to sit in a cozy cafe and connect with her and her friend.  The best part was, over 80% of the conversation was completely in the local language!  God is doing this!  She said she would love to get together with me more often!  I am so excited about all the connections that god is putting in place!

In the past week, we have also learned about an international fellowship that is taking place in the city.  One or two of us will probably go and scout that out in the upcoming weeks.  And, McDougal’s new friend told her about an underground church that is meeting regularly very close to campus.   God is definitely showing us over and over that He has called us to this city, right now, for His purposes!

As we know that God has called us here, we are seeing a lot of opposition from the Enemy.  With pioneering a new city and committing to learn the language, we know that Satan is more than angry.  He wants us to feel discouraged and give up.  Since coming here, my team has constantly been sick.  There were a lot of unknown upfront costs, so finances have been a big issue.  The boys finally bought a washing machine.  The next morning, they were woken up by the downstairs neighbor.  As they jumped out of their beds, they landed in an inch of water covering their floor.  Apart from all of this, a lot of frustration comes with committing to only speak this language we’re learning.  So as you read this, please remember to lift us all up in prayer!  Pray for this city and the campuses!  Pray for maracles; I know we are going to see them!

Much love to you all,