Happy Spring, everyone! 

   I have to share about something really special and beautiful that the Lord is doing in our midst recently. Here’s a glimpse:

   The four middle-aged gentlemen stopped to have a look at the scene transpiring under a gazebo-like structure in the middle of a small park area on our university, all of them scowling and craning their heads to see better. What they saw, and heard, was about a dozen students of mixed ethnicity worshiping Jesus, some singing and playing local songs of praise, some creating artwork, and some reading the Bible. I wondered what was going through their heads, and if anyone would try to make us stop. Three of them lost interest and left fairly quickly, but one remained, and a few minutes later I looked over and saw him actually mouthing the word “jing bai” (which means worship) along with us as we sang!!!

This is just one example of what has been happening on our campus recently, where once a week for the last six weeks or so, me and my German brother Jeremiah have been meeting to read the Bible in the local language and then worship with guitars, hand drum, and voices at various outdoor locations on campus.

It’s ironic because we went in to the campus office to inquire about holding our ID Arts Club somewhere on campus and they said we needed a detailed report of purpose, specific activities, benefits to the university, etc. and also that someone would probably have to observe us as we met. Not ideal at all – haha ; )  So we prayed a lot about what we should do, and well, God has given us a space, and lots of it! We have been meeting on another day once a week off-campus in the apartment where the local fellowship is held, and this gathering on campus has evolved into more of the same…

   When He breathes on something, isn’t it amazing how much life and joy and creativity are infused without us even having to try?! One place we were meeting to read even seems to have the most lush and advanced plant life on all the campus, hmmm.

   Now, this weekly meeting has grown to many regulars (last week we had 3 guitarists including one of the leaders of the local fellowship!, and my teammate Amilah has started painting as well). Every week, we also have had awesome opportunities to talk and share with some of the hundreds of passersby who stop to look, listen, and inquire about this unexpected activity. This serves as a perfect platform to share the Gospel and tell people about the various services they can attend if they are interested in knowing more about the Savior. Hallelujah!

*** The Lord has also put it on my heart to do a mural on our campus that will glorify Him — please ask and believe with me that this will happen according to His perfect will.

*** Our friend Ivy is so close to taking the step of faith and becoming a Christian…..please be lifting her up!

*** My two male teammates just left for America and I’ll be living alone for awhile, but considering having another American who wants to come here to study move in. I’ve also been considering an Asian roommate. Please ask for His plan for this apartment to be revealed.

*Anyone who wants to come visit North East Asia let me know! ; ))

May He breathe on you today!