Today, we said goodbye to one of our teammates.  Later this week, we will be saying goodbye to another.  🙁 In fact, later this week, almost all of our CT workers here in Asia will be flying back home to take part in debriefing.  Those who are committed long-term will be taking part in the six-month internship that I mentioned in previous emails.  That means that there will only be a small handful of us workers remaining in Asia.  In my city there will be three of us remaining.

The three of us decided to continue our focus on language study and opted not to take part in the internship this year.  As we stay here, we plan on finishing the semester strong as well as studying in this city throughout the summer.  I’ll continue to meet with Ivy for our weekly Book Study, take part in our Art Club, etc.  As of right now, it looks like we will be moving to another city in August and joining up with the new CT workers.  And then, I’ll be coming home for a couple months in December!  

As we continue our language study, please be lifting us up in prayer.  Please pray that we would have excitement and willingness to learn.  Specifically, please pray for focus.  Lately, I feel like I’ve been really busy and am always doing twenty different things at the same time.  I want to get a lot more serious about focusing on my main goals and priorities.  Apart from language study, I am also planning on seeking God more and more in regards to a personal vision for my long-term work in Asia. 

ANNND, thank you to everyone who called me and sent emails wishing me a happy birthday!!! I officially celebrated my second birthday in Asia!!! I had a great time with my team, we went for a picnic and it was wonderful! 

Much love,