“The wind blows wherever it pleases…. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit”

With all that’s going on recently, I am reminded of Jesus’ words to Nicodemus. It’s rainy season here in KM, and any minute might mean dark skies, a sudden downpour, and heavy, gusting wind. Holy Spirit is likewise blowing in many different directions recently: Climbing has been working a new job, and will head up to the M&M people group in July; Liberty has decided to come back in the fall (woohoo!) and get more training as a worship leader; Lucy and Simon are super busy with jobs up in the city, but are trying to find ways to continue to serve; Marco has been gone shooting photography for his new job in another city for almost a month; our season as a team of 3 (CTers) is coming to an end, as Rapunzel and Olli (codenames) are headed on to new things after our 10-Year Celebration in July; AND, last, but certainly not least, my bride-to-be is moving here from India in two days!!! See what I mean?!!

In all of this, it’s so crucial to know that it is Him who’s guiding the wind. We are those who are born of the Spirit – amen? – and we are being blown where HE pleases. He is an anchor for our souls at all times, and especially in the storms. If we just keep our eyes on Him, our feet taking steps of faith, we will not be swayed by what’s around us, but rather be confident to know that our paths are true. May you all know His peace and strength at this time, no matter what winds are blowing in your life!