Wow, 22 hours of travel! I am excited to finally land in Asia. The first thing I did was buy a coca cola. It has characters so I thought it was cool but later I realized everything in Asia is in characters. It’s pretty crowded everywhere. I got to ride on the bus and its full of people.

 The first few days have been scavenger hunts, sending us into the city leaving us to survive till dinner time. I had to get a map of the city but I couldn’t read it. It was tough at first but a few days in and I have been learning the area very well. I’ve also got to see some pretty amazing sites.

The Food! The food is spicy, everything is spicy, I’ve already learned the spice they use in most cooking. Its called, “La Jiao”. Now everywhere I go, I say La Jiao, La Jiao! I fit right in, when ordering food.
This week I already have made 3 new friends and will be having lunch with them soon! I saw some guy doing bike tricks and jumping
on and off tables.  I went up to him and told him I love extreme stuff and I said I can do something cool, check this out! I started
breakdancing and that was it. Him and his friends loved it, one of his friends even knew classmates who breakdance and wants to link
me up with them. How crazy is that? Some kid from New York goes all the way to Asia and finds breakdancing!  Its only been 7 days and His plans move at a great pace. Im so grateful to be here!