I was sitting on an airplane waiting and wondering and praying. There were lots of things I could have been thinking about, but I was asking God to just let my friends and co workers make the flight. As the time ticked away, I was beginning to think what it would mean if they missed the flight. 

What would the 3 of us, who where on the plane,  do while we waited for them the next day if they missed it the flight? It occurred to me that I should be worried about this, but as I thought about it, I felt a peace about it because I knew that God was in control.

A few moments later they came walking on the plane, and I knew that our God was still in control and was taking care of things for us! The rest of our trip from the States back to Asia was just a continued testimony of Him being with us and helping us out along the way.

Many things have happened for me to tell you about, but right now I am writing because I want you all to lift us up. We have arrived here safe and sound, but now we are going to register as students with the university, and we need their permission in order to live off campus and want things to go smoothly with all of the rules and procedures we need to follow and do.

Thanks for praying!