I have learned a lot about life these past few weeks, and I would feel selfish if I kept it all to myself.  So allow me to share with you three of my recent observations.

1) Speaking all in the local language all the time is more tiring than I thought it would be.

This past week the Ice Team had its first ever “All Language Week” where we promised to not speak any English from Monday morning to Saturday night.  That included not watching any English movies, reading any English books, or listening to any English music.  I knew this week would be intense, but I didn’t think it would be quite so tiring! Haha!  I would literally get home and be in bed by 7:30 or 8:00 just because I didn’t have the mental energy to do anything else. Even though this week was really challenging, it was a really good way of measuring my language progress so far and seeing what areas I still need to work on.  The Sunday we all
started speaking English again it was my turn to share at our “party” and I actually had a really hard time putting English sentences together!  God’s grace is amazing, and we are all making
great progress!

2) It IS possible to wear 3 pairs of pants at the same time

Even though I am a ME girl, I almost never had to wear long-underwear, but in H-town it is pretty much a requirement.  And actually, I find wearing long-underwear much more comfortable than
just jeans-especially in a country that doesn’t have much in the way of quality fabric softener.  It is actually a good thing I don’t have a drier because that means my pants are a little big on
me, meaning that I can fit more layers underneath!

3) I now know what -22 F feels like

After hovering around a low of zero for a couple of weeks the temperature here in H-town PLUNGED this weekend.  This morning on my walk to school the temperature registered a frigid -22 F.  But I am prepared! The only part of my skin that is showing is my eyes. Hahaha! Although, after walking for a half hour, my face is basically covered in ice-eyebrows, eyelashes, scarf, and there are even small icicles hanging from my hat.  If I poke my head out of
my scarf/coat to get a breath of fresh air, ice starts to form in my nose (which, is an incredibly weird sensation).  I feel like a turtle poking my head out of my shell.  Despite the temperature, I
have discovered you can always stay warm; you just need more clothes!

I hope you have enjoyed these observations, and that in the future I will have more insights to share with you!