Well.. This is it!! This is my last blog before I come back. 9 days left! I can’t believe it! First, I just want to say how truly
grateful I am for all of you. I’m grateful that you all were able to be part of my adventure in Asia. I’ve learned so much.  Wow, there has been so much that’s happened in these last past weeks. I can say that the Favor of the Lord is upon us here in Asia. I can also say that our mission here has been accomplished. I want to tell you what happened last Friday..
We started a fellowship a few weeks back. We have 8 believers who are a part of it. I thank you for all your prayers. Yuan came to
Lord!!! Yes!! So, Friday Dublin and I, got the brothers together to have dinner. We wanted this night to be more example of fellowship so they could continue when we leave. The Lord really showed up! We all ate roasted fish! The night started with Yuan opening in prayer. Even in him thanking the Lord for food, it was deep! AHha  He said “ I thank you for showing us your Love and us being in your love forever. Amen! During dinner, Kyle told his testimony. I held back my tears. I really did try. It was guys night you know, but then I told my Testimony. I starting balling and weeping. Then they all just grabbed my hands until I was done. It was really powerful.

I told them how the Lord called me to Asia. I told them that God promised me I will learn their language and I told them that each
of them has a great destiny that God has planned for their Life. They know. They get it! All of them have grown so much. At the end
as we were walking home Sunny told me something. He told me “when I see you I see myself” I see sunny. You know Sunny’s heart is so big and I always tell him that. But the Lord wanted to teach me something that night. I’ve had a rough life growing up. Sometimes I feel I’ve failed in the area of love towards my family, my mother, brothers.. that I could have been a more loving son.. or Friend.
But, Sunny knows we are all made in God’s image so he could see it in me. I know I have love and I can trust in the Lord to share his
love. I really love Jesus and I know because I love Him He continues to work in me to love His people.

In His Hands