We hope you’re doing well, and we’d love to hear how we can be praying for you this strangely-warm November!

We are now almost done building our financial support team – thank you to all of our new and old Pocket People! We’re really glad to have you behind us. We have about ten percent to go, and we are certain that God is going to get us fully funded by the time we leave. Please let us know if anyone you know is interested in being involved in what we do 🙂

Speaking of leaving, we have been officially approved for a January departure! We are busy getting things underway, including a new passport for Saphira (with her new last name), new visas for us both, overseas health insurance, and fun things like using our new 2017 Passion Planner to write down our Asia plans! We are excited to be going over so soon, and we know God has been doing a lot in our hearts and minds to prepare us to be in Asia for the next few years. He is good!

As a quick update, we also just found out from leaders that Saphira will be doing one more semester of focused language study upon returning to Asia so that her ministry will be the most effective it can be after she finishes studying. We are definitely on-board with this.

If you could pray for us, that would be great. We have a lot to get done before January, so we need favor as we start doing a long list of paperwork. Thanks for being with us! Happy November!