We’ve been busy these past few weeks here in the X, studying and spending time with our Asian friends. Recently, my buddy and I have been talking about getting skateboards and connecting with our friends who skateboard on campus. Yesterday, I saw a kid with a skateboard so I starting talking to him. He invited me to an event later in the day but he didn’t give me any more details. When I got there, there were around 100 kids skateboarding on campus. I learned that it was actually the one day of the year that they hold this event in the city. It was crazy and definitely not a coincidence!

I met a bunch of cool kids, including a professional skateboarder and a skate shop owner who said he could give me a deal on a board. It’s kind of funny how God provided this opportunity for us.

During the event yesterday, a kid walks up to me and asks me if I’m a Christian. I start talking to him about God and how much He loves him. He said that none of the kids that are into the skateboarding scene in the X are Christians. We’re praying that we can make new friends with this crew and make an impact on their lives.

Today we also did something cool. We went to the X city wall- the oldest city wall on the planet! There was a big race/walk on top of the wall and we all took part in it. I ran the 13k circuit all the way around the wall. I didn’t train for the race, nor did I stretch, nor did I eat breakfast, nor did I wear proper running attire. Instead I wore jean shorts and ate skittles and snickers. But I really had fun.