Hi! I landed back in the States on Tuesday night and have been acclimating to the time and culture, spending some time with my fiance Eragon, and moving into my new apartment at our HQ. Today I finally have some time to sit and take it all in and write to you!

I feel as though my transition from Asia went well. The girls I was training have been passed on well, and I made a record of the plan I developed as the B-Squad’s Language Leader. I had some great farewell parties, and just in the last month of being there, I got to see God working very strongly in the lives of the girls I was training. For instance, Kiera had faith to heal my roommate’s arm! And Molly heard God’s voice and was able to speak the exact encouraging words to my friend that she needed to hear in that moment. God is moving, and I am glad that He is in charge of it all and not me! 🙂

Since being back, I have made sure to eat buffalo chicken pizza and buy the same breakfast foods I was eating in Asia, but I really miss using the language I’ve been learning for the past year. I hope to keep studying while I’m back, while also regularly using it with 3 others here who are fluent in it. My plans for being back here involve wedding planning, studying more of the language, working at HQ, focusing on some personal growth areas, and getting financially and physically set to go back to Asia, potentially in January (though I’d love to be back in Asia with Eragon right now haha).

In terms of prayer requests, I’d love it if you’d lift up the continued support-raising Eragon and I will be doing in these next few months. Also as an added weird thing, I’ve been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a temporary and partial paralysis of one side of the face. I’m taking medicine and seeing improvement, but this is still definitely THE weirdest health thing I’ve ever experienced. Kind of scary at first, but the first thing I did was get a medical professional to rule out a stroke. So I’m fine, but I have this weird ailment for the time being!