Today, walking through the crowded streets that is the Muslim bazaar of X-town, I purchased nine handmade bookmarks made by a single man with an incredible gift at finger painting along with a bunch of other local gifts for my first-year workers. In 7 days and 9 hours, they will be boarding a plan, thus ending their year in Asia. These world changers have done incredible things for the Kingdom here and I have been so blessed to be able to lead them through this crazy experience. Over the course of this next week we will be prepping them to head back to the States, as I think about what is next for my wife Stella and me.

As you probably know, Stella is in the States seeking a diagnosis for this sickness that we have been walking through for the better part of a year. The doctors have ruled out a large quantity of possible viral infections and auto-immune diseases. However, they have not yet been able to determine the exact cause of her various symptoms. Because of this, after praying and talking with our leaders, we feel it is best that Stella stay in the States and for me to fly back and join her. This means that for the summer Stella and I both will be living in the States.

During our time home, we plan to do some support raising, while also continuing to work on a host of projects that we both have been blessed to be a part of. I am going to be planning our Asia side training for our new workers that takes place in August while continuing to help with a survey project and growing in my language ability. Stella will continue to seek treatment for her illness, and simultaneously is creating some prayer tools for us as our group launches a brand new initiative. Over the course of the year we, as a group, are going to pray for 10,000 hours.

As I prepare to fly back on the 17th of May (Happy Birthday Mom!) Please by praying for safe travels and maybe even that I get bumped up to 1st class for my 12 1/2 hour flight? Yes please! Also please lift my wife up and pray that her doctors will determine what she has sooner rather than later.