I am back in America! I safely fared the 40 hours of travel from Asia to America and arrived near Rochester, New York. Right now I am at the few days of debriefing with everyone else in Campus Target who just got back to America. We are all taking the time to process our year, our return, and the reverse culture shock we’re all going through. It’s truly interesting how different America feels. Perhaps it’s because I’ve changed more than I realized. Either way, I’m back and I know God has good things planned for me. I’d love to see you sometime soon! It’d be great to hear about your year as well as share some things God has taught me over the past nine months.

Thank you so much for praying for me this year! God has been so faithful in my life and in the lives of my Asian friends. It’s so great to know that even though I am away from my Asian friends, God isn’t. He’s still over there working in their lives. If you want to keep praying for my friends (specifically Summer, Ellen, Jenny, and Cathy), that would be so great! Let me know if you want more details about them. I know God is still doing amazing things in their hearts – the Kingdom is near!

God Bless!