Last week my team had a fun night with two people that we identified as believers who seem to be hungry to serve God. Because of school break, we hadn’t seen them in almost two months.

Dinner was a bit awkward. Durk and Shirley apparently hadn’t spoken much English recently, because they kept switching to their own language. Things started going better when we went around in a circle and shared about our families, like what our parents do and how many siblings we have.

After dinner we sang a few songs, and then we shared about how God has been our strength recently. Durk talked about how God brought him to this city where he has grown to know Him, though he had been on course to go to a different city. Jesus is the rescuer!

I asked Shirley if she wanted to share. She was tentative, not sure she could do it in English. We encouraged her to try. She talked about how God has been moving in her heart, how she has seen that she and her family has a lot of sin and needs God. Then she said something like these words:

“What the world says I should do is not enough. If all I do in life is tell one person about Jesus and they believe, then I think I can die. I’ll be happy.”

We were speechless; what she said was so heartfelt, so real, and so from the heart of God. What do you say to that? We talked to God together and asked Him to fill us with boldness and power. We closed that part of the evening, and before long we were playing silly games and connecting on that level. But we were moved; we were excited. We knew God had been at work among us. Praise His Name!

What an evening! I love it!