NYSUM was my first time to NYC, so that was really cool. In general, I really like the city and would love to go back for a longer time. However, it may have been the absolute coldest weekend in February that we ended up being there, so I wore two pairs of pants everywhere and was still pretty cold. We did some homeless ministry, which opened my eyes to a few things (i.e. when I was little, I thought that homeless people were just homeless people, not people who had become homeless due to bad situations — God is showing me how wrong that perspective is). We also did some ministry with tracts, which was far more effective than I thought possible – we saw 11 people get saved in the two hours we were out in the cold!

Now that I’m back, I’m continuing to work on my language and on doing recruiting in the office. I’m also starting to process the fact that two months from today, I will be getting on a plane to move long-term to Asia. That’s pretty crazy! Will you be praying that I would process everything involved in this transition so I will be able to arrive there and be emotionally healthy?

Thank you so much for being behind me!