I walked up the stairs and into the auditorium. Like searching for the perfect spot at a cinema, I scooted my way to the center of the row and sat down in the cushiony movie theater styled seat. It was about to begin.

“Welcome to orientation,” the voice echoed over the speakers. I couldn’t help but feel like I was 10 years younger going away to university for the first time.

It’s happening! I am officially a university student at one of the top 30 universities in all of Asia! On Monday, I will begin classes and an intense season of full-time language study. During this time, I will be focusing on devouring Mandarin so that I can effectively minister in our friends’ heart language. I am committing to only use English a few hours a day and to fully embrace this challenge by using only my new language for 8 hours a day. If that sounds overwhelming, it is! But I know that at the end of this season of laboring, there will be even greater fruit!


  • I had a great visit to The X (where my brother lives). It was an incredible time with family and I felt God bringing personal revelation and clarity to some areas He has His finger on in my life.
    My cold is gone!
  • I arrived safely from all my travels in January and am all settled into my apartment.
  • I met another foreign believer and have been able to get connected with a group of international brothers and sisters studying at my university.


  • Restful and refreshing sleep – Ever since arriving, I have been sleeping terribly. I either have difficulty falling asleep until the wee hours of the morning, or I fall asleep fine but then wake up at 3am or 4am and can’t fall back asleep.
  • Supernatural remembrance and ease of tongue as I begin language study next week.
  • Continued personal revival and revelation from God so that I can experience growth and healing in some areas He is highlighting right now.