Hello Winter Refugee!

With all the snow that is being dumped on the Northeastern United States right now, I thought it would only be pertinent to share about our own Asian blizzard as well.

Every year after our T-land Retreat and Asian New Year, we take a few weeks before students return to have what we call Winter Session. During this time we focus on three different areas: preparing our team for the next semester, investing in ourselves personally through various teachings (finances, emotional health, etc), and calling people we know to serve in Asia. Since this special focus on recruiting happens in the winter, we call it a Blizzard….a Recruiting Blizzard!

Right now, every city in CT is in the middle of reaching out to friends, family , churches and youth groups, all over the US and all over the world casting vision for serving God on the campuses in Asia. We believe that He wants to use us during this time to call more people to the harvest fields of Southeast Asia!

Would you partner with me in praying for this? Would you ask that God would use this next week to call more workers for CT?

We are believing that God will bring us 15 new applicants for CT because of this Blizzard. But honestly, we can’t do it alone. Would you be willing to pray from now until March 6th, the end of our Winter Session, that God would use the conversations we have with people to stir their hearts for Asia and that we would see new people come over with us in August because of it?

Thank you so much for all you do! More Winter Session updates to come soon!