It’s been awhile, and a lot of things have happened! I wanted to wait until I had official confirmation, but now I do – I’ll be coming home on May 3rd to attend my sister’s wedding, and then stay to plan my own, which will happen on August 20th in Michigan!

Before and after my wedding to my fiance, I will call him Eragon. I will be living at our HQ for a little while and working stateside wherever they need me. This will be a really great time for me to rest a little, hear from God, and be on the same page with leaders about some things. After getting official approval that we are good to do ministry work together as a couple in C-Land, Eragon and I will move back to Asia and continue where I left off while he starts his language study here. I’m excited that God is allowing this to happen!

In other news, my team had an Easter party for our friends, and it went really well! I got to share the Good News and ask Molly to share with me – she did a great job! She’s getting baptized next week, too, which is super exciting. She’s also getting connected with other believers we know, which makes me happy since I’ll be leaving soon.

I am blessed to be marrying Eragon and that Dad is letting us come back to continue His work here. He is good! Thanks a lot for praying for me. I’ll talk to you soon!