It is finally May.  I have been looking forward to this month for a long time, but now I don’t want it to be here yet.  Many of us have finally found our “groove” in this work, but it’s going to be ending very shortly.  Earlier this week I was scheduling meetings with friends and I realized that I only have one or two more times to meet with each of them.  I suddenly felt a strong sense of urgency in my work here.  Many of my friends have grown exponentially this year, but have I shared all I can with them?  Is there anything else they need to hear, even if they don’t accept it while I’m here?  Have I planted all the seeds God has called me to?  These are questions that have gone through my mind since realizing how little time we have left here this year.

My team has two more Book Clubs with our friends, and we are trying hard to listen to God.  What significant things have we not told our friends?  This week we will discuss the importance of making a decision for God, and we will demonstrate ways we spend time with God, letting them try it themselves.  We hope that, God-willing, it will be very impactful.  Please be praying that we would be listening closely to the Spirit during these last two-ish weeks, and that He would open the hearts of each of our friends.  Pray that we and our friends would fully realize the urgency in our message of Truth.

We know that even if our friends don’t make decisions for Him this year, God has used us to plant seeds that He will water in His perfect timing.  We can do nothing without Him – He is doing the work here, not us.  This is why your prayers are SO important.  Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts this year.  But we are not done yet!  God has much more in store, even if we don’t see it before we leave.  I hope to have many more amazing stories to tell you by the time I come back to Michigan!

In Christ,