Hi there!  I know this sounds crazy… but I only have two weeks left in Asia!  Sorry for not keeping you more up to date – there’s a lot to talk about these days!  First of all, I need to update you on my friend Chuck.  Remember him from my last post, when we were following a pair of dragons all over his hometown?  Well, just a week after that trip, something amazing happened….

“Ding dong,” my tiny electric doorbell rang.  Chuck came shuffling into my apartment with a look of concern and despair on his face.  I’ve never seen him so worked up, so you can imagine my surprise when in the first two minutes he said “I think I need to follow Jesus to help me in my spiritual life.”  Ehh, wasn’t this the guy who we didn’t have one spiritual conversation with during our whole two-day visit just last week?

It turns out his part time job was really stressing him out, and he realized he needs God to give him true peace in his heart and hope for his life.  I was amazed as, over the next hour, Chuck basically talked himself into the Family.  With little input from me, he answered his own questions and overcame his lingering doubts, and before I knew it he was following me in a prayer to ask God into his heart!  Come on, Jesus!

That night in March, Chuck came into the family, and I got a powerful lesson in how small I am and how big God is.  All night I was distracted, slow to provide good answers, and mostly just an observer as He moved in Chuck’s heart to bring him to trust Him.  It was a wonderful privilege to watch Him move, and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of it.

Will you please pray for Chuck over these next weeks and months?  He’s a great guy, and I’m sad to be leaving soon for the summer.  Also, please lift up all of us over here as we sprint to the finish in meeting with friends, packing up apartments, and planning for the future.  Oh, and speaking of the future, stay tuned for my next email soon – I’ll be talking about my plans for next year!  Yay!

In Him,