I know it has been quite a long time since you have heard from me. I had some issues with my email password and trouble getting a hold of my email helper. But the issue is fixed now and I hope to be sending you more frequent updates for the last half of my trip.

I can’t believe I am more than half way through my nine months! Time has flown by! The last few months have been awesome. Challenging, but awesome! God has been teaching me so much about people, and most of all about myself. I am doing things I never thought I would be doing. I never had a desire to come here, but here I am and God has given me such a love and compassion for these people. I have been in T-land for the past two weeks. Every year Campus Target comes here for a retreat. It is a time to get refilled, recharged, and hear about all the great things God is doing around the world. It has been great enjoying the warmth and seeing familiar faces I haven’t seen in a while. I know God has really been moving on my heart and has given me a new perspective, new passion, and desire to share His love with others! I have actually really been missing Asia, as I have been here in T-land, I am ready to get back… Imagine that from a place so warm! I will miss that for sure! However, it is not as cold in my city as it is on the east coast currently. I am sorry, but I am not jealous of all the snow you are getting!

We are leaving tomorrow and will be back to our city the 13th. Please pray for traveling mercy as we have a 12 hour layover, and we will be sleeping in the airport. When we get back to our city, we have a few days to recuperate, and then Katniss and I are headed to a friend’s hometown that is 22 hours away by train. In all honesty I am not looking forward to this, I know I will need God’s grace and choose to have a good attitude and remind myself that this is all a part of the journey and to make the best of it! We will be traveling Feb 16-21. It will be a great experience and is a blessing to her that we chose to come and visit her in her hometown.

Asia has a very big holiday this time of year, when stores close and everyone goes to their hometowns. The campuses are like a ghost town. This is a time when 2/3 of the population of this country is traveling! That is more than half of the population of Asia! So it will be very crazy. The trains will be packed, and some people may even be standing.

Something that is a huge blessing is Katniss’ family and mine blessed us with some extra funds to be able to fly back to our city. The flight is a little less than two hours. That is something to look forward to after our long train ride.

Thank you for all your love and faithful support! I feel so blessed to be able to be here serving God with all of you backing me up!

Prayer requests: Traveling mercies, good health, God encounters, perseverance, and unity as a team