“Wow! He took the trash out this morning! And look! The slippery steps got salted and the snow shoveled. He balanced our checkbook and researched a good cell phone plan, and all before he went to work?!”

Married life rocks! 😉

This week, I caught myself standing stilled in our little apartment, (schoolgirl smile glued to my face), thinking of how much I love this guy. He’s such an excellent man.

And… I can tell he loves me. His kind hugs melt me, his “just because” cards remind me that he is intentional at loving me, and he simply is a great listener. How’d I get so lucky?! I regularly find myself feeling proud of who he is…at work and at home.

God is growing our love and our understanding of each other. It’s awesome.

This last month, Knight has been transitioning into leading the missionary internship program for CT. I have stayed busy working at a farm-to-table restaurant here in town. In April, I hope to join Eldon (part-time) at the office, assisting him in this new role. I can’t wait! We are both excited to be involved in helping prepare these future long-term missionaries.

On Thursday, a month of travel begins for these newlyweds. 🙂 Our first stop is NYC with our current interns to do a weekend of ministry. We will participate in Asian-focused outreaches, homeless ministry, and service projects. Please pray for us! We’re excited to go, give of ourselves, and grow in new ways with this team.

Our second stop is Asia. We will travel to each of our three cities to lead three days of teaching with our missionaries. Then we go to the city where we lived before, to strengthen the local church and deal with some business matters with our translation company. Both of us are super excited to get back to Asia, the place we both invested so much heart and work over the years.

Thank you so much for staying connected to us. We sure love you.