Two weeks ago, my roommate, Mailman, and I had our first party with Asian people. There were about 20 people, and it was awesome! We played some youth group style games, had tons of Asian snacks, and shared the Gospel. No one joined the family that night, but a lot of seeds were sown.

One seed fell on Fred, a student we met on the basketball court. He was sitting all alone in the corner, watching everyone else play. We ended up taking him out to dinner and found out that he has no friends. We then shared with Fred about our “best friend.”

At the party, we had a time where we split up into small groups. In our groups, we were discussing beliefs. Funny enough, Fred was actually defending our belief, even though he didn’t believe it himself. He is a theology major at his university and was arguing with other Asian students why our Good News made more sense than what the students thought. It was just crazy! We knew that God was working in his heart!

3 days later, we met up with him and spent 4 hours with him. We spent the first two hours sharing about God and how he wants to know Fred; how He loves Fred, and how He has been pursuing Fred. The last two hours were spent celebrating his new life in Christ! LET’S GO!!!!

Not only am I experiencing people come to know God, but I am growing in my knowledge and understanding of him as well. God is so good.